Hero photograph
Photo by Belinda Campbell

Message from Joyce

Belinda Campbell —

Thank you for your continued help and understanding in preventing the spread of Covid. The earlier finish time is working well in terms of not having overcrowded entry and exit ways. Also, we know that masks really work in controlling the spread of Covid so we continue to use them in Years 4-6; staff are also masked and distanced when indoors. We are surely and safely resuming school based activities and also activities which require visitors coming into the school. External trips are also on the agenda, for example, camp for the year 5 and 6 children.


Mike Sparrow from Sparrow Construction apologises for the extended period of disruption that the delays in the driveway upgrade are causing at school. He cites industry wide supply issues throughout the construction industry chain and staff absences due to Covid. They are making every effort to minimise the impact on the programme however much is beyond our control.


The main installation of our new playground will commence next week and should be complete by the 20th of May.


We are likely to need your help on Saturday 21st May if all goes as planned to spread the safety surfacing.The material will be stockpiled within the new playground and we’ll need help to to spread it out! A few wheelbarrows, shovels and rakes will be needed.

There is about 80m3 of material so we’ll likely need 6 to 10 parents for 4 to 6 hours. No doubt we’ll have some refreshments to keep you going!


The doors separating rooms 9 & 10 have finally been installed (yes, delays due to Covid). These classes have now had new carpets, blinds, interactive technology upgrade and some window work. A nice learning environment for our children and teachers.