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PB4L Term 1 Update

Amanda Scott —

Miramar North School started the Positive Behaviour for Learning School-Wide journey last year. PB4L School-Wide helps New Zealand schools build a culture where positive behaviour and learning is a way of life.

In Term 4 of 2022, we introduced our TIKA values to students at MNS. These are our TIKA values:

Team - Kotahitanga

Integrity - Ngākau pono

Kindness - Manaakitanga


In Te Reo Māori, TIKA means “to be correct, true, upright, right, just, fair, accurate, appropriate”.

We would like to update you on the next steps of our PB4L journey,

  • Each class will continue to award certificates based on the TIKA values.

  • Staff have developed a behaviour matrix, which identifies how the TIKA values will be shown in different environments at school. This year the students will be explicitly taught about the TIKA behaviour expectations at a class, syndicate and school level.

  • Seesaw posts will include a focus on the TIKA values.

  • Classes will be creating TIKA walls in their classrooms to encourage children to look for others showing the TIKA values.

It takes a village to raise a child…

We appreciate your support in this journey and it would be great if you could also make connections to these values outside of school. Below is a schedule to show when the values will be taught this term.

Week 1/2/3/4 - Teamwork

Week 5/6 - Integrity

Week 7/8 - Kindness

Week 9/10 - Ako