Hero photograph
Photo by Amanda Scott

Welcome to Pōhutukawa

Amanda Scott —

In Pōhutukawa we are growing students who are curious, responsible, flexible, creative, problem solvers, and who show persistence.

It is my pleasure to be leading Pōhutukawa again this year. It has been a joy popping into the classes and getting to know all the students who are new to our team. I have already been so impressed by the students' attitudes to learning, depth of thinking and kind natures.

We have an exciting year ahead of us! In Pōhutukawa our aim is to give the students as many different experiences and opportunities as we can. Soon we will be deciding upon our school leaders. This year we will have discovery time, team hui, swimming, music, WOW, school trips and EOTC week. We will also have a focus on numeracy, well-being and looking at how we report to parents.

The wellbeing of our tamariki is always the priority at Miramar North School. We aim to do our best to provide students with as many experiences as possible to strengthen their resilience and challenge themselves. This year we will be focusing on introducing the Zones of Regulation programme across Pōhutukawa to support our students to identify their emotions, and understand what strategies can support them to deal with certain feelings. To find out more information about the programme you can visit the website https://www.zonesofregulation.com/index.html

This year we have three wonderful teacher aides, working across all of the Pōhutukawa classes, Santi, Jane and Andrea. We are also very grateful to have Vangela Araboglos and Debi Meadows covering the teacher release this year.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if there is something you need assistance with.