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Board of Trustees News

Belinda Campbell —

The MNS Board of Trustees met on Monday 14 February 2022. We spent most of our hui discussing the annual plan and budget.


Every year the Senior Leadership team (SLT) provide an annual plan, which focuses on specific goals related to our longer term strategic plan. In 2022, the focus areas for MNS are:

Inclusive learning with a focus on Math – to support improved maths learning outcomes through inclusive teaching practices, effective assessment (including student’s ability to self-assess their progress), and creating maths partners whereby teachers can team up to support each other.

Hauora – to support the wellbeing of our tamariki, using tools including regular check-ins, circle time, self-regulation spaces, and the introduction of Positive Behaviour for Learning PB4L programme.

Communication with whānau – to enhance the relationship between whānau and school through improved communication strategies focusing on achievement reporting, use of SeeSaw, and online or in-person communications through transition periods.


The board approved the annual budget. School budgets are always tight (!), but school leadership and the Board aim to prioritise a budget that supports our teachers in delivering the curriculum, and providing an effective learning environment for tamariki.


School donations really enhance the teaching and learning at MNS, by contributing to the resources and activities available to our tamariki. You can pay your school donation on Kindo or at the office, in installments or all at once. School donations are also tax deductible.

You can find information about our various funding streams here. https://mns.school.nz/a/YjnsIle


The driveway is well underway and expected to be completed by the end of Term 1. Once the driveway is completed, the construction of the new playground will begin. We can’t wait to enjoy our new and improved space some time in Term 2!

You may also have noticed that the work in Rooms 9 and 10 is nearly completed. When the sliding door is done, this will be a wonderful flexible space for our Rimu syndicate.


All the home learning packs have been distributed in preparation for covid cases at MNS. We are preparing for all scenarios and with an ever-changing situation there is no predicting how things will look.

We will be taking direction from the Ministry of Education and public health when Covid arises. Please ensure that you let reception know if your child is absent due to Covid-19.

If you need extra support in any way, please reach out. We are a community and we can easily work out ways to help each other


We will meet next on Monday 21 March at 6pm in the staffroom. As always we reserve our first 15 minutes for community input. If you want to come and discuss anything with the board please don’t hesitate to get in touch! boardchair@mns.school.nz