Kōwhai Newsletter Term 1 2023

Feed and Read in Kōwhai

Amorangi and Millie's Trip Through Time
    by Miramar North School

Everyday from 10.45-11.00 the whole school does feed and read. This is where the children have their morning tea and teachers read to them.  This term the whole Kōwhai are listening to their teachers read the story Amorangi and Millie's Trip Through Time.  

"Amorangi and Millie lost their mum. Their only clue to her whereabouts is a carving on a tree that says I’m in the past! Rescue me! To do this, Amorangi and Millie must travel up every branch of their family tree and collect an object from each ancestor they meet. They must then be back in the modern day before the sun sets, or they’ll all be trapped forever in the past. But can they do it in time?"- Huia Publishers

"Amorangi and Millie go back and forward through time, meeting their ancestors and learning about the history of the place they live: the eruption of Taranaki, the invasion of Parihaka, the Musket Wars and more." - Stuff.co.nz review

This story will help us to hook the children in to learn about the history of Aotearoa. We hope to use this story as a baseline for our learning about Te Whanganui a-tara and exploring our History curriculum through the arts. The author Lauren Keenan lives in Wellington and Hannah used to teach her son at Karori West.  She has offered to come and speak to our syndicate after we have all read the story. Exciting times ahead!