Kōwhai Newsletter Term 1 2023

Year 4 Recorders and Year 3 Chromebooks

    by Miramar North School

Year 4's will be learning the recorder this term, as they are of an age to begin an instrument. This experience will improve their musical literacy through: pitch matching, reading notation, and using the language of music. Children may want to practise at home so please make sure they have their recorders in their bags ready for lessons on Thursday afternoons. As always we will be looking for performance for opportunities to extend this.- Debs

During this time, the year 3's will be learning to navigate their way around using a Chromebook. Chromebooks are used from year 3 onwards at MNS, which also leads to using a laptop/Chromebook as they continue their studies in years 7/8. The year 3 children now have Mathletics instead of Maths Seeds which is a bit of a transition, learning to complete tasks on a Chromebook is the first step for this.