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Photo by Monrad Tirohanga

COVID-19 Update for Whānau (Sunday, 29 May)

Matt and Lewis —

Wiki 4, Wāhanga 2 (Week 4, Term 2)

Level 1
All tamariki are at kura learning with appropriate health and safety measurements in place. 

# Cases
4 active

# Tamariki in Isolation

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs)
We have access to Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) for whānau. These can be sent home with your tamariki, or you can arrange a contactless pickup by contacting Miss Mon at mcollier@monrad.school.nz.

Support Packs for Whānau
If you or whānau require support packs that include kai (food), hygiene and rongoā, please contact Miss Mon at mcollier@monrad.school.nz. When you request a support pack, you will need to have the following information in your email.

1) Adress for delivery
2) Contact number
3) Number of tamariki and adults in the household
4) How many people in the household are positive for COVID-19
5) Which pack/s you would like (Kai, hygiene, rongoā).

Contacting the Kura
Please continue to let us know if your tamaiti or someone in your house tests positive or if you require any other tautoko (support).