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Photo by Monrad Tirohanga

Te Iwa o Matariki Festival 23rd of June

Matariki Organising Committee —

On the 23rd of June Monrad Te Kura Waenga o Tirohanga will be celebrating Matariki. We will begin at 5:30 am with a hautapu when Matariki is visible in the sky as our school community comes together. When the hautapu is concluded we invite all whānau to enjoy breakfast. Breakfast will conclude at 8:30 am and students will begin class at 9:00 am as parents leave. Students will come to school in mufti (warm clothing recommended).

As whānau will be arriving at school at 5:30 am, students are not expected to walk or cycle to school or come to school on their own. We are encouraging all parents to drop off students and attend the Hautapu and breakfast. 

For whānau who are unable to attend or drop their children off, we will be offering a pickup service in the morning from 5:00 am. School will finish at 12:00 pm then students will be dismissed and return home in their usual way.

On the 30th of May, a google form will be sent home to register whether students and whānau will be attending and for the pickup service.

23rd June

5:30 am Students and whānau meet on the field behind Tirohanga (weather permitting)

6am Matariki Traditional formalities/Hautapu

7:00 am Breakfast for the whole school and whānau in the school hall

8:00 am whānau (parents/caregivers) leave

8:30 am: Te Iwa o Matariki Festival Begins

9:00 am - 11.00 am Students participate in *Te Iwa o Matariki Festival* school activities

11:00 am - 12:00 Matariki music concert

12:00 pm Students return home (School day ends).

24th June
Matariki Public Holiday Enjoy.