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Please refer to our Parent and Caregiver Handbook (located on our website) for a comprehensive guide and information for students at MAC.

Absences: Let us know about sickness/appointments/late arrivals/other absences from school, please email: absence@mtaspiring.school.nz

  • For all enquiries about accounts: fees@mtaspiring.school.nz
  • For financial hardship: fees@mtaspiring.school.nz
  • For the latest apprenticeship & job opportunities see the MAC Careers Website https://careers.mtaspiring.school.nz/mahi-jobs


We apologise for the late issue of the 2022 MAC magazine. These have now been given to the whanau teachers to issue. Only one magazine is issued per family and this will be given to the youngest member of the family to bring home. If your family has not received a copy of the magazine by the end of next week please liaise directly with your youngest child's whanau teacher to ensure that you receive your copy. 


The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programme will be offered to all Year 8 students at school this year.

During February, the Public Health Nurse associated with Your school will be doing education around the vaccinations to the Year 8 students. The students will be given a consent form to take home to their parents/caregivers. If you do not wish for your child to partake in the education, please contact the school.

Please read the consent form carefully, fill it out in pen and return it to school ASAP, even if you do not consent for your child to be vaccinated at school.

No student will be vaccinated without their parent/caregiver’s consent.

The HPV vaccination is also available free of charge through your practice nurse or doctor up to their 26th birthday. Delaying the vaccine may mean your child needs more injections to be protected, as people aged 15 years and older need three injections.

For any further information please phone the Public Health Nurse for your school, or look up www.health.govt.nz/hpv


As part of our commitment to giving our students opportunities to grow and develop essential skills for their future lives, our Year 8 students can join the William Pike Challenge. The challenge comprises three main elements: outdoor activities, community service and a passion project. Through this experience, students are taken outside their comfort zone to solve problems or deal with situations they never expected – all while having fun.

We will be starting 2023 with a short meeting for all interested students and parents. This will be in HāporI 4 (the Year 8 classrooms) at 5.30pm on Wednesday 22 February. We will be overviewing the programme, and answering any questions. If you cannot attend but wish to find out more about the programme, please contact Ms Gilfedder or Mr Cassaidy. 

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A reminder that itinerant music lessons are available to interested students free of charge. You do not have to be a music student to benefit, though in the case of oversubscription music students will be prioritised.

Forms will be sent out at the beginning of Term One 2023 offering lessons in guitar, bass guitar, brass (trumpet, trombone etc), strings (violin, viola, etc), drums, and woodwind (flute, clarinet, saxophone etc).  Any questions see a member of the music team. 


For your information: Bus routes and timetables, and eligibility criteria can now be viewed on our website: https://www.mountaspiringcollege.nz/school-bus-lists.html If route stops or times are updated these will be reflected here, but we will always try to notify you if we are aware that any changes have been made.  

Here is some further information on the bus loading sequences:

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We are required to have your correct physical address on file. If you have moved recently, or are about to do so, please email office@mtaspiring.school.nz to supply the updated information.   


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