by Mount Aspiring College


Our new head students want to focus on mentoring junior students and promoting inclusivity.

As the new school year gets underway, we’d like to share with you some thoughts from our 2024 head students Lottie Hunt, Daisy Sanders, Tom Sides and Zavier Taylor who all say they want to focus on mentoring junior students and promoting inclusivity during the year ahead.

“I am really looking forward to hanging out with the junior students and being a good role model for them,” says Tom.

Zavier agrees. “I’d like to spend time with junior students who might be acting up in class so I can try and build relationships with them and be a positive influence.”

“I want to focus on making the school a more inclusive place where everyone fits in, has a right to be themselves, and feels able to show that without having to suppress it,” explains Daisy. “I also want to make sure every single student would feel comfortable enough to approach me and ask me a question or just have a chat with me.”

Lottie says that as a student leader, she aspires to pave the path for future leaders.

“I am excited to demonstrate leadership qualities to other students while also continuing to grow them myself,” she says. I would like to grow connections with all students at MAC and I look forward to motivating students to do great things.”

Our four head students believe MAC’s strengths lie in its diversity, range of subjects and opportunities, and connections to the local community.

“Compared to other schools, I think that the diversity and number of high-quality options available in such a positive environment is unmatched,” says Tom.

“The number of students who get involved within the community is amazing and I value the way our teachers want to help students do well in their studies as well as the way so many students also strive to do well,” says Daisy.

Zavier says he values the connection to whānau and houses, the wide range of subjects, and the outdoor-indoor flow of life at the college. “I’ve seen over my years at MAC how it can nurture and support kids in every way they need.”

Lottie says that ever since Year 7, she has valued the connections she’s made along with the respect and honesty people demonstrate at MAC.

“I love the way I am always supported among my peers no matter their age or year level. I feel everyone works as a team and that provides students with a very valuable experience.”

Congratulations Lottie, Daisy, Tom and Zavier on being elected as our 2024 head students. We are all very proud of you and know you will be outstanding role models for our school.