by Mount Aspiring College


Our Year 7 students have been undertaking sessions with 'Sticks 'n Stones', a youth-led bullying prevention organisation.


Session Three: Dealing with Drama

In this session we explored what types of behaviours contribute to drama and how quickly and widely it can spread. We discussed how drama can be like a germ, spreading quickly and in different ways. We followed up by thinking about how we can either stop it spreading or help it spread. We then used scenarios to better understand how we can respond to drama or conflict and how we can react like a bulldozer (aggressively), doormat (passive) or a doormat with spikes (passive aggressive). If you would like to read more about this, check out this great article from the New York Times

Session Four: Standing up and Asking for Help

In this session we talked about ways we can stand up for ourselves and how often the other person is testing how we will react and trying to find things we are sensitive about. We practised the 'brush it off' strategy and how asking for help is something strong people do. We also practised ways we can ask for help and created a personal help plan to help work out what support we have around us and what support works best for us. Parents are such an important source of support and this could be a great time to connect with your child about asking for and offering help.