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Harriette J —

I think everyone enjoyed tabloids! From the seniors running it, to the new entrance kids that were doing it for their first time.

I personally love tabloids. Every year it is a fun opportunity to show teamwork and to collaborate with other members in your house. You get to make new friends and genuinely build up the spirit of our school. The atmosphere this year was amazing; all the smiling faces, cheerful chants, and the occasional pep talks. This is what everyone likes to see, people having fun! It was really great seeing everyone getting stuck in and giving it ago. Thank you everyone for participating and especially those who showed the team spirit came in house colours.

Even though tabloids is all about giving it a go and team spirit we do have a winner and I am very proud to say that my house Cannon won the title of first place, Hornbrook came in close a close second, thomas was in third and in fourth place we had Morte. Everyone did so well. These points were earned by winning your game, but also the teachers could choose to give points out to any team showing the Mt Pleasant MAGIC.

Also on the coffee machine we had two baristas, Kester M and Ethan M whizzing up some delicious warm drinks. Thank you to everyone who went to the stand and made a donation. Your money will be put to good use.

Sadly, this was my last tabloids. I am in year eight now and will not be at Mt Pleasant school next year for the tabloids event. With that being said on behalf of all the year eights I would like to thank everyone who has made our tabloids experience excitable during our years at Mt Pleasant. Everyone has enjoyed themselves tremendously and it is a event that we all looked forward to.

A big thank you Miss Scotland for doing such an amazing job organising everyone like she always does, to all the teachers, staff and other seniors for helping out, any parents that came down to support their children on the day and of course the boys on barista.

Written by Harriette J


  • 🥇 1st CANNON 707 points
  • 🥈 2nd HORNBROOK 701 points
  • 🥉 3rd THOMAS 698 points
  • 🏅 4th MORTEN 680 points