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Mt Pleasant School

Omaka 2018


T@TT Adventure Camp @ Omaka Scout Camp, 2018

by Louise Wilson

A huge thank you to Nathan Moore for these amazing photographs! Check out some pictures and memories from camp...

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by Team @ The Top

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T@TT Camp

by Ground Control

Team @ The Top camped at Omaka last week...check out some pictures ...

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The Bench

by Felix H

The bench lives beside the river, its faded paint cracking. From the bench, you can barely hear the trickle of the sparkling stream through the roar of the aeroplanes passing overhead. Children laugh and play, they come and go, but the bench stays – sitting in an everlasting pose, an everlasting observer.

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Hello Muddah, hello Faddah...

by Katherine & Jamie

A diary snapshot of camping at Omaka 2018

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Here I am Omaka

by Aleksandra & Aimee

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