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Water polo


This year’s water polo season has been full of challenges and achievements. Firstly, we would like to acknowledge the team we had this year and commend them for their hard work and team spirit.

Coming in to the season, we had a lot of players new to the sport join. Players such as Kirra Conchie-Medel, Tiaki Huria, Chloe Morley and Hazel Taylor, adapted very quickly to the sport and improved immensely over the course of the season. Water polo is a very inclusive sport with a supportive community, which allows new players to join and learn along with their team. Returning players Hazel Schapel, Ben Frith, Grace Sudlow, DJ Basire, Samantha Grigg and Nakeisha Meadows, helped significantly with the Pumanawatanga of the team by supporting the new players and keeping the team spirit up.

The season itself was an uphill battle. Due to a good portion of the team being new players, a large learning curve was needed to be overcome. Despite the constant battle for numbers every week, as well as our inexperienced players going up against seasoned players, the team pushed on, managing to complete the season positively.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Manuel, George Frith and all the parents who came to watch the games and transport the players to the pool and back home again. Without the continued support of these people, the season wouldn’t have been possible. The parents came to every game with positive attitudes, pushing the team forward. Mrs Manuel was always in the background ready and willing to help and support the team in any way she could. Thank you to George who gave up his free time to be our coach and help manage the team. He always kept a positive attitude, keeping up the team moral to the end of the game. Another thank you goes to Hazel Schapel, co-captain. Without her there wouldn’t have been a team. Hazel always supported and encouraged the team, having a positive attitude and always with a smile. She managed the team and was also a star player carrying the team. Finally, a big shout out to Ben Frith who was an amazing team captain and main goal scorer. Without Ben our trainings wouldn’t have been so fun and productive. Through Ben, the new players learnt so much about the game and improved their skills in such a short amount of time. Ben was also a great support for the team, he was always at every game hyping up the players.

We hope to improve even more this year. We also aim to get more players involved in the sport, hopefully boosting water polo’s popularity. Bring on the next year!

Written by Hazel Schapel and Ben Frith