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Senior Business & Retail


This year our Senior Business class took part in the Deloitte’s “GROW” programme.

Each group of 4-5 students were given $5 and a Mentor (an Accountant from Deloitte’s) to give them financial advice on how to increase their $5 through various business ventures. At the end of the 3 week business venture, they should be able to give some of the profit (if there was any), to a Charity that Deloitte’s supports called “The Graeme Dingle Foundation”. This Foundation provides programmes such as Outdoor Pursuits and a range of other confidence building programmes for school students. Also as part of this programme, the students learn about Financial Literacy. This year most groups made a profit and were able to return some of that to Deloitte’s plus the original $5. We had the privilege to visit Deloitte’s Board Room where students presented their Business Ventures to some of Deloitte’s Managers and their Mentors. We were also a given an insight into the range of business functions that Deloitte’s carries out and a talk by a Forensic Accountant.