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Photo by Joe McMenamin

Year 12 writing

Sonia Sharpe —

2.4 writing

Perhaps we as humans have common misconceptions. Our thoughts, feelings and passions are all affected by the choices we make and how we present ourselves to the thoughts of others. Decisions are an important day to day cycle that we make, it can give you an opinion about someone by the choices they endure. Our harsh judgment controls not only ourselves and others, but we do not even realise the extent or power of a single thought. Let me ask you a question, have you ever found yourself in a situation without escape? A decision without choice? You felt so trapped that the claustrophobia kicked in, booting you from all sides until you are lying on the floor without hope? Well that’s just the beginning for most. I have seen and heard of those who found themselves in difficult situations, the type where innocence destroyed the hope of a happy future or even the hope of a tomorrow. Their stories are for the deaf, for our society neglects their voice.

I have heard of upbringings where rape, abuse and neglect were common on a daily basis. Growing up from birth we need a role model to learn from, to admire. These people watched their role models buy a packet of cigarettes to fuel their addiction rather than a meal for their children. Their role models brought them into a world of drugs and filth. People say, this generation is a bad influence for other generations to come, however, who brought them into a community of smoking and drinking? There was never enough thought put into issues of this power. I had friends who were homeless at the age of twelve because running away and living on the streets was an easier load to carry than going home. People shouted abuse at them because they could not understand the choice they made to leave their families. It seems almost intoxicating how strong they held onto life when death sounded almost inviting. We must learn to not judge the exterior of these people for their kindness shines from the heart, broken by failure but strengthened by determination. Perhaps this is the reason they are the ones who try their hardest to succeed because failure feels like home. They make decisions for a brighter future where friendship, love and happiness are common features of their lives.

I have a friend, sixteen years of age, thrown out of home and all her possessions burnt. She lost everything she owned. Her decision to not be pulled back by her past, her passions thriving her forwards into the unknown gave her the opportunity to show everyone her strength. Now I ask you, how much power does society have over you? Because it seems to me that most let the thoughts of others define their every decision, only those who have the courage of individuality can truly pursue their passions without limitation. So here I am, scribbling words on paper, just another student in another school without importance. In a world where the government controls us and people define us. Constructed by that limitation we are bound by uniformity, leaving the individuals behind who are not as ‘fortunate’ as we are. Our words are powerless, lost and forgotten in the importance of an economy where money is power and humanity is weakness.

Sonia Sharpe