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Agnes Anae and Pule Samatua —

The 2017 Naenae College Poly Club consisted of students from Tonga, Samoa, Tokelau and the Cook Islands, with many students joining Poly Club, or performing on stage, for the first time.

We performed at the Hutt Fest Pacific Cultural Festival (as part of the Hutt Valley’s Polyfest) and at our Multicultural Day all in Week 10 of Term 2.

The theme chosen for this year's performance was 'Migrating Polynesia': the retelling of movement between and within spaces of Polynesia. Last year’s performance theme from the Junior Discovery Performing Arts Project inspired our performance bracket this year. These stories are familiar to many people of the Pacific - whether it was leaving the ancestral homeland of 'Avaiki Nui, or even leaving home for the day to carry out chores around the island, migration stories are sewn into the Pacific narrative fabric for generations.

To portray those stories, our upcoming performers learned, memorised and complained about the intensity of the dances they from Tonga, Samoa, the Cook and Hawaiian Islands. Despite the multiple times Mr Tiria told us to get back in line after each tiny mistake (there were A LOT), we showed our determination to improve so that we could honour the stories of our Pacific navigators. The choreography and music were arranged by our students so that they could tell their stories of migration and movement across Te Moana Nui a Kiva.

On behalf of this year’s senior students, we would like to acknowledge our Year 11s and 12s for taking the lead this year, and to our juniors for holding it together until the end. We would also like to acknowledge and farewell our seniors who have continued to support our cultures at school: Terra Fuifui 13MSH, Liufau Halafihi, Jamie Muiaa 13MSH, Annie Pedebone 13KHR, James Ropati 13MSH and Annatto Teni Meavale 13KHR. Last, but not least, we would also like to thank Mr Tiria for his tutoring and ongoing support to make Poly Club happen each year and Mr Mataele for supporting Mr Tiria and Poly Club as well.

By Agnes Anae and Pule Samatua