Hero photograph
Photo by Joe McMenamin

Tramp to Waiopehu Hut

Laura Anderson, Lucy Carver, Hannah Fleury and Cameron Arps —

A Duke of Edinburgh Training Tramp to Waiopehu Hut: 21 - 22 July 21016

At 10:30 on the morning of Thursday 21 July, while most other students were relaxing on their holidays, four students were at the base of the Tararuas, ready and eager to climb about 800 metres to Waiopehu Hut. Little did they know!.

The purpose of the trip was to ensure we all had the skills necessary for a trip that we organise ourselves later in the year. This trip started fairly well, but the recent rains had taken their toll on the track. We soon came to large patches of ooey, gooey mud.

We all had trouble, and one of us (who shall remain unnamed) even lost their shoes completely at one point! The rest of us were more fortunate, but by the time we reached the hut all our boots were heavily caked with mud. It took us six hours to get to the hut. The view over Levin was pretty amazing from the huts location on the Tararua bush line, nestled in the Leatherwood trees. Luckily we had all packed plenty of good food. We watched the sun set as we cooked or meals, comparing each other’s menus as there was some high-quality cooking going on. After a hearty meal, a few card games, and a long night’s sleep, we were ready to go the next morning.

The day started misty and wet but got progressively sunnier as it went on. There was still heaps of mud, but having eaten a large chunk of the weight, it wasn’t so bad. We all made a determined effort to hang onto our boots!

We all had heaps of fun, no matter how tired we were, and all can’t wait for the next tramp!

Laura Anderson, Lucy Carver, Hannah Fleury and Cameron Arps