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Head Girl report 2016

Soe Sola —

My five years here at Naenae College have honestly been the greatest experience!

When starting here back in 2012, I knew nobody from my year but was fortunate to have my sister who was a senior. As the year passed by I began making a lot of new friends who I now call my family. The opportunities I gained within these five years have been a great blessing because it contributed into making the person I am today. From playing countless sports where I met most of my friends and going on leadership courses and camps. Being the Head Girl for 2016 here at Naenae was the overall amazing experience in my five years here because it taught me many lessons not only in being a leader but within myself as a person. I learnt that not everyone's perfect; sometimes even the leader makes mistakes where all they can do is learn from it and move on. I also learnt to speak up because no one will know you need help unless you ask for it.

Throughout my college years, I honestly didn't believe that me, 'Soe Sola,' would get the opportunity to lead such an awesome school, but my last year here has made me believe that anything can happen even when you don't expect it too. There were some challenges throughout the year but with a group of awesome prefects and a great Head Boy I was able to push through.

I would have to say that 2016 was my best college year!!

Soe Sola

Head Girl 2016