Hero photograph
Photo by Joe McMenamin

Pool 4 Schools

Caleb Poihipi —

5 boys from Naenae College made history this year and became the first ever Naenae College pool team.

The team was made up from Caleb Poihipi, Tyrell Packer, Mark Savelio, Ben Cusin and Annatto Teni Meavale, all Year 11 students who showed great interest in the sport. Every Monday after school these students travelled from school to Upper Hutt Cossy Club by parent transport. At the Cossy Club, Rick Watson was waiting to give the boys some tips before the Regional Tournament. Preparing for Regionals, the boys played a great amount of head to head games between themselves and students from Upper Hutt College. The Regional “Pool 4 Schools” Tournament was held at the Upper Hutt Cossy Club where our 5 students, 3 students from Upper Hutt and 4 students from Te Kura o Kaupapa competed to be the best Pool 4 Schools player in the region. It was a good day overall as we were fed well and looked after. Caleb, Tyrell, Annatto and Mark all advanced into the quarterfinals where only Caleb advanced to the semis, but no further. The highlight of the season would have been making new friends but also Caleb making top 4 and qualifying for Pool 4 Schools Nationals.

Caleb Poihipi