Hero photograph
Photo by Joe McMenamin

2016 School Ball

Ball Committee —

At last, the night Senior students have been waiting for, the 2016 Naenae College Formal! On August 21st, Naenae College students and teachers should have been on the front cover of a magazine as we climbed into our sweet rides, Mr Russell's safety-first NCS buses, on our way to Wellington City.

The Formal could not have been possible without months of carwashes, sausage sizzle, tears, and turning into spies to find Mr Meadows. The venue was to be held at Oceania, Te Papa, but Te Papa was visited with a flood the day before the formal. The venue was then moved across the road to Mac’s Function Centre. The night was lit up with fairy lights, stars, mirror balls to replicate our theme ‘Night Under the Stars’. The venue was decorated with help from the formal committee.

This formal was a huge success and can only be credited to the hard work of Linda Hoy. This one's a feisty one running around like a mad woman making sure everything was perfect for the big night, and also a huge credit to Mr Meadows for keeping her sane. It was much needed due to the boggling 160 students and teachers who attended the event.

Taking on the role of head of the committee isn’t something for the faint hearted. There were many challenges that the committee was faced with but with the leadership and mana showed by Linda, they were able to create a magical night. I’m sure I speak for each and every student who attended the formal this year when I say that we are truly grateful for the work of Linda and her team for putting together such an event. - Zainal

The DJ was awesome, enjoyed the music! - Noella

KING - Zainal Ali

QUEEN - Linda Hoy

PRINCE - Caleb Poihipi

PRINCESS - Alyssa Ponte

CUTEST COUPLE - Jamie Rameka and Bradley Bridewell


BEST DRESSED MALE - Tamaroa Ulutuki



Biggest Flirt - Riki Hunt

Sexist Single - Mark Jack

Best Dancer - Danny Chanaphoo

Drama Queen - Tahnee Sadaraka

Teachers Pet - Analisa Manuel

Babysitter - Jack Krakosky

Best Laugh - Bradley Bridewell

Sweetheart - Soe Sola

Best smile - Lani Tangiwai Scott

Best Rear - Jordan Sului

Comedian - TJ Kanara