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Speech Competition - Year 9 & 10

English Department —

English Department

This event took place in our Marae on November 9. Students settled themselves in to become a wonderful audience for members of each class, perhaps future politicians, to expound their views on an interesting range of topics.

The presentation started with Year 9 representatives speaking on a range of topics from Cultural Diversity, Social Media and Cyber Bullying, to "How Sports Builds Lives".

Following the high standard set by Year 9 speakers, the audience enjoyed Year 10 presentations on topics such as Gender Equality and Bullying.

Mrs McClutchie, or Koka adjudicated the presentations and awarded prizes to the top speakers from each year level. 

The place getters in Year 9 were:

1st Chris Zhou of 9W

2nd Jessica Sam of 9U

3rd Jack Grant of 9I

Year 10 winners were:

1st Cindy Zhu

2nd Christina Tuug’a

3rd Ellie Wright

Our congratulations go to all speakers.