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Adult ESOL

Brenda Morrison —

Adult students at Naenae College? Yes!

About 30 adult students are enrolled in two Adult ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes. Naenae College is proud to support its community by offering these daytime classes. Around Naenae College, you might see our students reading in the library or participating in Multi-cultural Day. It’s also possible you’ll recognise a couple of our students as part-time school employees.

In class, students gain confidence to listen, speak, read and write in English. Classes also offer the opportunity to make friends, share cultures and discuss a wide range of topics of special interest to new New Zealanders. Understanding more about NZ society makes people feel more connected to their new country and more prepared to join in. From finding the confidence to talk to their child’s teacher and registering to vote to explaining a housing issue to a landlord and negotiating a new job, Naenae’s Adult ESOL students are becoming more confident, independent users of English.

In 2016, there will continue to be two classes, each running for five half-days a week, Monday to Friday, during school terms. The morning class is for students at post-beginner to elementary level – people who can speak and read a little English but not enough to be independent in NZ. The afternoon class is for pre-intermediate learners. Sometimes the two classes get together for special events and field trips.

Our classes are very multi-cultural. Current students come from Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Eritrea, India, Iraq, Myanmar, Serbia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand and Vietnam. Students range in age from 18 to 60+ but age differences don't seem to matter.

Many students also have part-time work or childcare responsibilities, and class times particularly suit parents who have to pick up children from school or kindergarten.

New learners are welcome and can join the class at any time during the year. If you have family or friends who want to find out more about Adult ESOL classes, call in at the school office and ask for Brenda Morrison. There’s also information on the school website; look under Learning at Naenae > Adult ESOL.