Hero photograph
Photo by Joe McMenamin



Nick Kellet produced a 11 min 50 second mix tape for MCD. He went through each song on his playlist and experimented with them by fading in and fading out to change between tracks: HOUSE, DUBSTEP,TRADITIONAL CULTURE eg: Maori Pacifka, chinese, K-popetc. to form a collection of songs he thought were good for the event celebrating multiple cultures around the world.

He felt pretty relieved to have performed it and all the hard work was definitely worth it in the end and he would love to do more mixing again for other events in future.

Harley Epps worked hard on the costume for MCD in our LAR helping MS McCarthy think of the ideas and capturing the flavour of Samoa. We used a purple cloth with beads to make a Lavalava and had an awesome hat with Mexican/Indonesian flavours.

Xiaolin Zhen worked hard on the piata design and oversaw its production. We were really happy with how it looked in the end and it was a great way to take part in MCD.