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Left to Right: Mr Carew, Mr Pittams, Mr Beverley, Mrs Kim, Mr Prasad, Mrs Samani, Mr Reddy Absent: Mrs Drake, Mr Conroy, Ms Kuhn, Mr Logan
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Mathematics Department

Mr Venkat Reddy —

Celebrating Success

● Level One Numeracy results have steadily increased over the last three years.

NCEAL1 - Numeracy

Numeracy Pass rate (%)

2012           60
2013           75.8
2014           80.3

● Student engagement and achievement has been enhanced by the use of Chromebooks in Statistical Investigations. Thank you to Senior Management for purchasing 40 Chromebooks for the faculty.

● The 10E class has been doing Level One Achievement Standards in 2015. By the end of the year it is expected that the 30 students in the class will have 11 credits and have passed the numeracy requirement of Level One NCEA.

● This year there are a record number of students studying Mathematics at Level Two and Three. This increase in numbers learning at higher levels is in line with the rising number of career opportunities that utilise Mathematics and Technology.

● In 2016 the Mathematics Faculty will be offering two new courses. At Level Three there will be MAS 302 and at Level Two there will be a revised MAS202. These courses will enable students to continue studying Mathematics at a higher level with courses that are relevant to their future pathways.

● All Mathematics students were given free access to www.myimaths.com - an online learning portal that covers all aspects of the curriculum with a fresh and innovative interface.

Victoria University Competition 

by Franz Van Beusekom

Back in April, a group of 9 students represented our school at the Victoria University Mathematics Challenge, a daylong event where we worked through the day on numerous Math problems for six hours. We tested our Mathematical knowledge amongst several other secondary schools in the Wellington region. Although we did not win, we gained a lot of knowledge through the course of the day, from problem solving skills to applications of “Turing Diagrams”, named after British code breaker Alan Turing.

Our group would like to thank Mr Reddy (HOF Mathematics) for getting us involved in the challenge, and for supporting us on the day as well.

The team included: Jay, Franz, Saffron, Anshu, Hayden, Lars, Zavier, Sheridan, Joseph.

Mathswell Competition 

by Cameron Arps

In 2015, for the first time in 4 years, Naenae College entered a team into the Wellington Regional Mathswell Competition. We built up a team from one 10E student, one Year 9 in a Year 10 class, one Year 10 doing Year 12 work, one Year 9 doing Year 12 work and a Year 7 doing Year 12 work. In other words, we had a team made up of all awesome people, and we did very well.

The team was split up, for two separate rounds; the open questions and the multi-choice.

We started with the open round of 20 questions in 30 minutes. The first half of the team had to work together on them to find the answer. If we were right, we got the next question, but if not … We got 14 right.

Next came the Multiple-Choice round. The other half of the teams could split up the questions and work on them individually. There were 30 questions, so that worked nicely. We were planning to do 10 questions each, then check each other’s work, but again we ran out of time. This time, we got 18 right.

The questions were slightly harder than we were expecting (the MC even admitted that all the scores were lower than usual), and the time pressure got to us a little, but we scored 32 out of 50, and placed 7th overall. More than that, we came 1st in the Hutt Valley! We did very well, especially for first-timers, and next time we hope to do even better!

Staff Updates

In 2015 we welcomed Richard Pittams to the faculty. Mr Pittams is a first year teacher who studied at Victoria University. Two new Science teachers were also called on to take a Mathematics class- Mr Conroy, who previously taught at Chilton St James, and Ms Kuhn, who came to us from Rathkeale College. Part way through the year we fare-welled Mr McAlpine, who will be well remembered for the innovative way he used ICT in his teaching. Mr Prasad from Onslow College was then appointed to the new position.

Throughout the year we have also had Shane Beverley helping with Mathematics. Mr Beverley is a Masters of Education Teacher Trainee and has made a positive impact in the classes he has worked with.

Staff and 2015 Teaching Programme

Mr Venkat Reddy - Head of Faculty - 9 Maths, 10 Maths, MAT201, MAC301

Mrs Esa Samani - Assistant Head of Faculty - 9 Maths, 10 Maths, MAT201, MAS202

Mrs Jessica Kim - 10 Maths, MAT101, MAS202, MAS301

Mr Gary McAlpine (left in Term 3) - 9 Maths, 10 Maths, MAS102, MAS202

Mr Rajnesh Prasad - 9 Maths, 10 Maths, MAS102, MAS202

Mr Richard Pittams - 10 Maths, MAS202, MAS301

Mrs Joanne Drake - 9 Maths, 10 Maths, MAT101, MAT103

Mr Philip Carew - 9 Maths

Mr Carrone Conroy - MAS102

Ms Ray Kuhn - MATX03

Mr Kerry Logan - MAT103