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Photo by Joe McMenamin

Visiting Digital Technologies Speakers

Phillip Carew —

Digital technologies impact many aspects of our everyday lives. We use it to do our work to communicate, and for entertainment.

We had four IT professionals, including an ex-Naenae College student, on two different days speaking to our Year 10 and 13 DIT classes. They were from ICT-Connect, New Zealand’s first dedicated nationwide ICT outreach programme into schools, operated by the Institute of IT Professionals New Zealand. ICT-Connect is the IT industry's in-school programme to increase the visibility and desirability of a career in IT for the next generation of IT Professionals.

Each speaker spoke about their personal journey working in the IT industry. What they do on a daily basis and what they love about being in IT. Their presentation inspired and made our students aware of future options in the ICT sector.

Today IT covers a wide range of careers from different industries for all types of students’ skills and abilities.