Hero photograph
Photo by Joe McMenamin


Shaun Brown —

From Division 4 in 2012 to Division 1 in 2015, basketball at Naenae College has come a long way.

 Some have played all 3 senior years, like Aiden and Besu. For some, this was their first year, like Blake. After making the final 2 years in a row we went all out this year. Unfortunately we came 5th and missed the playoffs. Even though we lost every year we still were like a family. Lead by our basketball dad, Peter Simmis. 3 years of great basketball is over and so are our trips to McDonalds. Shoutouts: Besu – Most Points, Aiden – Most Blocks, Luke – Most Assists, Shaun – Most Steals, Jordan – Most Fouls, Dieudonne – Most Fadeaways, Frank – Most Airballs, Blake – Most High Fives, Fruen – Most Entertaining.

Shaun Brown