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Girls Tennis

Paige Foster —

My Favorite Tennis Team Yet!

Term 1 2015

2015 had the best tennis team in my opinion. Shane Jumao-as, Anja Marshall, Grace Collins and Paige Foster. All four of us enjoyed making new friends, learning a new sport and, most important of all, having fun. It was great to be serious, and yet have fun.

Grace has told me multiple times that she has huge bruises on her legs from her racket but I don’t know how that happened since her racket was usually above her head. Anja has told me that her greatest struggle was her serving technique, no matter how many times she tried, it just wouldn’t work when everybody was watching. At school, with only the rest of the team watching, her serves flew over the net, but when it came to the games it got best of her.

Anja is a great player even though she doesn’t say it. Her raw talent for the game was amazing, she always had a positive attitude and was always 100% alert.

Grace is a pretty good server, she was working on her pro serves towards the end of the term, and Grace’s attitude towards the game was excellent.

Shane is always energetic and full of energy, her attitude towards the game was amazing.

In Shane's opinion, her greatest memory was that we had lost our first two games of the season and that myself brought some gobstoppers before our next game, and then to my surprise we won our game 6-0. The week after that we were going to the dairy to get PowerAde and the gobstoppers, there were no gobstoppers in the closest dairy, so we went to every dairy between school and Mitchell Park (there is quite a few we realised). Let's just say we couldn’t find any and we bought gummy worms instead, they aren’t as good as gobstoppers; sadly, we lost that game 4-2. My scariest memory was that Grace and Anja nearly got ran over, they were literally 10cm away from the car, but my favourite memory was all of us being a great tennis team and supporting each other well.

Thanks for a great year girls.

Paige Foster 10KMT