Hero photograph
Photo by Joe McMenamin

Senior Netball

Tanwen and Shani —

10 loud and proud girls with two exhausted coaches sum up our season pretty well.

We were really fortunate that we didn’t lose any girls last year, meaning we were as strong as ever, a true force to be reckoned with. The girls were keen to get back on the netball court early on in the year, most of them having been through an incredibly successful volleyball season, they were hungry for another taste of victory. We began the season as a strong cohesive team, the girls had an eagerness to play, a passion for winning, and showed care for one another, our senior girls stepped up into leadership positions better than Tanwen and I had ever expected.

The girls had a really successful tournament at ASB which saw them placed 12th out of 30 odd teams, you always knew what court the NNC girls were on with the amount of giggles, singing and the unmissable boom box that followed them around. As a coach it is impossible to not thrive off the positive energy that these girls have, they are, after all, a one of a kind team. What was most pleasing once again was the rangatiratanga the girls showed, we invited along a girl to join the team for the day THAT morning, yet the girls included her as though she had been in the team since the beginning. It is these small acts that make our school and our sports team special. Each and every girl on that team embodied Te Whanau Tahi, and we couldn’t have been more proud.

Our season hit a small snag when we lost two of our key players, yet we must give the girls credit, not once did their passion or their belief that they could win falter. We simply reassessed, got in a selection of juniors and got right back to our plan of finishing on top to go into the Division Two league - a goal we achieved.

Division Two brought on new challenges, it was competitive, it was rough and many of the games came right down to the last 30 seconds. We narrowly missed out on a victory for the first few games of the league, yet these near misses fueled the girls to come back better and stronger for the games that followed. We kept our sights on a top four finish. Unfortunately, 2016 was not the year we would make this goal a reality, we ended up finishing 6th, a result that each and every one of the girls should be proud of, we worked hard, we played well, and there is always 2017.

We must give special mention to Valerie Taito, she was named in the Hutt Valley U17 Representative Team, was a member of the Beko (Central Districts) Training Squad, as well as a member of the COG Prem team.

To our Year 13 girls who we bid farewell ,we’ll all miss you! Please don’t shy away from coming in and helping us train, or coming to watch our games on a Monday, to our supporters - thank you for showing up every Monday (even to the 8:30pm games). To the girls we’ll see next year, work hard over the summer, let’s make going to Lower North’s a goal, and finally to the girls who will be the new additions, we look forward to meeting you!

Thank you for an amazing season girls! You are legends

Tanwen and Shani