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Photo by Joe McMenamin

Year 11 Technology with Mr Munro

Samantha —

It was a great experience to make the model aeroplanes with our own hands learning about the different materials and how to handle them.

It was awesome being able to fly and use our planes after watching them grow progressively. The technology room is a good environment where we would help those who needed it but still let them create their own planes. We did all of this in spite of having Mr Munro as our teacher ( ha ha ha, someone who came up with countless phrases and nicknames for us, this includes having those names on our work so he could tell them apart.

Having him as a teacher is always interesting, you never know what phrase or nickname you will get, But he also made the work interesting and a new experience and let us go at our own pace meaning we could do a ‘quality job’ as Mr MUNRO would say.

I always looked forward to tech class and so did my classmates, we all loved the constant banter and conversations we had.

Samantha and the tech class.