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Food Technology 2016

Bernadette Coup —

2016 has seen another very full year of activities in the Food Technology Department. Students have participated with enthusiasm in classroom programmes and practical events as well as gaining credits towards NCEA. At the end of Term 1 we moved into the long anticipated refurbished Foods Room and soon settled into working in an up-to-date classroom kitchen with modern appliances and the latest technology.

Junior Classes

Year 9 Food Technology classes have fully engaged in the practical work at this level. In the Better Breakfasts, Muffins and Fast Family meals unit students learnt to work cooperatively to produce good food and developed their practical skills in the kitchen.

Year 10 students completed the popular Burger Competition unit as well as developing skills in productive biscuit designing and making. They researched the cuisine of several major international food cultures and prepared and sampled the food of India, Japan, France, Italy and Germany. Several students also assisted with the Open Evening on 21 June and catering for the Leavers’ Reception on 7 November.

Senior Classes

This year the 11FDS 102 Food and Nutrition class have worked with Mr McLean and have enjoyed the programme of practical work as well as the theory. This has been displayed in their improved skills in knife use, baking cakes, sponges and scones, frying and grilling and preparing hot finger food. They have also learnt about the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables as well as preparing egg and cheese dishes.

The Year 12 and 13 Catering and Hospitality classes worked on mainly Level 2 Unit Standards on Food Safety, Knife Skills, Microwave Cooking, Frying and Roasting, Sandwiches, Baking and Hot and Cold Beverages.

During the year students have assisted with a number of school catering events as part of their programme: Open Evening, the Art Folio Evening and the Leavers’ Reception. They were proud to display their skills in catering and hospitality in real end user situations.

Several Year 12 and 13 students have undertaken Gateway placements in Naenae Kai working under the expert supervision of the M and T Catering tutors: Ma-ria and Theresa.

Two students: Hope Clark and Filipo Luka were accepted for the Dine Academy programme. This is an extension programme in catering during the school holidays and one day after school during Terms 2 and 3 culminating in the Dine Academy Dinner at Westpac Stadium. Both are planning careers in Catering and Hospitality.

By Bernadette Coup