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Senior Formal - 'Great Gatsby'

Danielle Van Ooyen —

If only there was a rewind button on life, I would definitely go back just to experience the formal night once again.

August 19th, 2017 was night to remember. With months of fundraising and contacting venues to try and find a perfect fit for our school, it all came together. And that can only be credited to our formal committee.

We had our formal at Te Papa Museum in their Oceania room. A few of us from the committee had a vision of how the venue was to be decorated, which came out to be with fairy lights and lots of them… LED candle lights, bunting and we also had a featured candy bar at the entrance of the room. And we can't forget the amazing center pieces made by Alana Sheridan and her parents. Our theme was 'The Great Gatsby', and the decorations surely did serve justice to the chosen theme.

But it does not stop there, this year we wanted to spice things up a bit. So we went the extra mile and ordered two double decker buses and two photo booths, because- why not? It's only for night that we get to dine like kings and queens. Our purpose of this formal was to make everyone feel included and special. We hope everyone enjoyed their night and enjoyed the food provided but also left with unforgettable memories that will be kept forever. Especially those of who left with 10,000 photo booth strips.

The 2017 formal would not have been possible if it werent for the amazing formal committee and the help of Mr Floratos. Before I finish this off, as head of the Committee I would like to acknowledge my helping hand Duka Munhuu. Alana and her parents, Dylan, Analisa, Clench, Taleah and Toli. These people put their all into organising the formal and it surely paid off.

Danielle Van Ooyen