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Photo by Joe McMenamin

Years 9 and 10 Education Outside the Classroom 2014

Phil Carew —

In 2014 a range of trips were offered for EOTC

For Year 10 these included: Queen Charlotte Walkway, Tongarirao Adventure and the El Rancho Camp. For Year 9 the two days were divided into a day of The Amazing Race and the Harcourt Park Event. Trips ranged from three to four days and offered a wide range of experiences. There was supposed to be a Nelson Lakes trip doing the Travers Angelus Loop. Heavy snow and a 1080 drop resulted in the trip being diverted to the Queen Charlotte Walkway. These trips aim to build relationships between staff and students and between student’s themselves. They also provide outdoor experiences that student would otherwise not have. The trips develop confidence and an awareness of the outdoors. Skills in planning, personal management, confidence and first aid are developed along with environmental awareness. Students also become aware of the geography of New Zealand and develop their individual fitness. Feedback from students was very positive and included the following:

“Looking at amazing natural view in New Zealand that people pay around the world to see.”

“I’ve never been on anything like this before. This trip is the most amazing trip I’ve ever been on. I’ve enjoyed most of the events. I enjoyed the swimming and walking. It was kind of new for me. So I really enjoyed it.” 

“I liked how I got closer to students I wouldn’t talk to at school and spending time with the teachers.”

“I enjoyed how all/most the students had a good time with teachers. The view was mean good experience. Thanks” 

“One thing that I enjoyed was that both of our groups were together and that we stayed together at one camp that was fun.” 

“I enjoyed meeting with some new friends and getting along together. It also helps me with my social life.”