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9H inquiry project 2016

9H students —

Here is the story of 9H’s inquiry. They presented this as a video during the expo day. This is the script they used to tell their inquiry story.

We are going to present 9H’s inquiry.

The topic of our Inquiry was Energy. We investigated what energy is, how it is created and how we use it. We looked at Energy at a Global and a Local scale. We thought Global and Acted Local. We learnt about renewable and nonrenewable resources.

We learnt that the world is in a Global Energy Crisis. This means we are in big trouble. The world is running out of Energy. Countries are using too much energy. One of the solutions we found out was that we need to use renewable energy sources.

We decided our big idea was; “How can we help solve the Global Energy Crisis?”

Our learning goal was to create our own renewable energy system that we can charge our own devices.

We had to learn about the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources.

We went on a field trip to West Wind Wind Farm. This is where wind is used to create electricity. This is in Makara on the South Coast. There are 62 wind turbines. Did you know that one turbine generates enough electricity for 1000 homes?

We also went to Chris and Ruths house in Makara. They are living Off the Grid. They generate their own electricity using solar panels and a water turbine. We had had to walk up a creek. This was fun. Only one person fell in. They store the electricity they make in huge batteries. One of the water turbines cost about $2000.

We calculated how much it costs to build a house off the grid compared with on the grid. We worked out the positives and negatives of living off the grid and we learnt how electricity was generated.

We then applied our learning and each built our own charging device. We can use multiple energy sources. For example, we can use solar power or kinetic energy.

We had a competition to see who could produce the most voltage using a dynamo

We used what we learnt about renewable energy sources to plan how to provide renewable energy to a scientific expedition. There is a lot we still want to find out and we now want to make another device.

We had a google classroom that we used. Each day we completed a daily journal that asked us to think about how we showed our values and the key competencies.

Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoyed our presentation.