Hero photograph
Photo by Joe McMenamin

Badminton Junior Girls 2

Paige Foster —

For winter sports 2015, badminton was my greatest season ever. My team were amazing and the teams we versed were equally amazing.

Team 2 highlights were: coming runner-up in our grade, making new friends and being challenged to our limits. At the beginning of the season we started with no one really knowing each other in our team, but at the end of the badminton season we became the best of friends.

Some of the challenges we faced included not having enough players. Before the season of badminton started we only had 2 players, but luckily we managed to pull a team of 4 together. Then about halfway through the season one player pulled out and we were down to three; luckily, we managed to find another player. We were set and winning game after game, then one girl broke her leg, back down to three once again, but thankfully to one of my really good friends filled in with three games to go.

A big shout out to Destiny Abashidze, Daniella Thompson, Marina Ki-Toalepai, Len-len Caingcoy, Anja Marshall and Paige Foster as captain,

Thanks for a great couple of terms girls.

Paige Foster 10KMT