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Photo by Joe McMenamin

Inaugural Lecture by Professor Ilam Noy

Jan Stephen —

Commerce Department Economics students have the opportunity to hear the inaugural lecture by Professor Ilam Noy of Victoria University at Victoria University’s Memorial Theatre on Tuesday, 17 November at 6.00 pm. His topic is The Economics of Earthquakes, a topic which has featured significantly in senior economics assessments in recent years. He will be looking at keys to economic recovery in terms of the Kobe (Japan), Concepción (Chile) and Christchurch earthquakes. The session will be a valuable insight into the workings of Macroeconomic Policy, a significant part of their course this year.

Professor Noy holds the inaugural Chair as Professor of the Economics of Disaster at Victoria University. Student enthusiasm to attend the event was significant as it is after they have finished school for the year and have only two exams left to sit. Visits like this enrich student learning and put issues studied in class into a real life context. Students voted to go in school uniform as they feel a sense of pride in representing their school