Hero photograph
Photo by Joe McMenamin

Naenae College Formal 2015

Student Author —

This year the formal was held at Oceania, Te Papa in Term 3. Months of carwashes, shoe browsing, running from Mr Meadows, and, in Zainal’s case, picking the perfect eau de toilette, had finally paid off and we were at last gracefully climbing into our sweet rides, Mr Russell's safety-first NCS buses, and on our way to the city. Our theme was ‘Carnival Under the Stars’, complete with bunting, hanging seed lights in jars, a bearded lady, female ring master, strongman and clown cut-outs, thanks to senior art students and The Learning Connexion.

The Formal’s success can only be credited to Maneeshita Prasad, who was crunching numbers and arguing over catering from February, and planning the night since Year 9; and also partial credit to Mr Meadows. Gabrielle Poching came up with the theme and decorated the venue, with help from the prefect team and considerably more help from the mentor team.

“10/10” - Jay

“The food was the bomb.” - Olly

“The food was bland but I was hungry so I ate it.” - Rajan

KING - Rajan Reddy

QUEEN - Maneeshita Prasad

PRINCE - Bradley Bridewell

PRINCESS - Jade Morley

CUTEST COUPLE - Jaylin Misa and Ricky Hunt


BEST DRESSED MALE - Olly Fonglee Leolahi