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Art Department

Art Department —

Junior Art

The Junior curriculum has had a rather successful year, with the introduction of new schemes of work that range from Traditional Tapa design, Street Art, to contemporary tradigital approaches and incorporating more of a design approach to understanding visual communication. We have also introduced new Artist Models and student workbooks this year, which has made our classes limited drying and storage space a lot more manageable. I believe we are in good hands with our junior students moving forward, as there are some very talented young artists coming through the ranks that will constantly challenge our methods and approaches to better themselves.

Design and Photography

The Design and Photography classes have had a huge year of growth with a record number of External Design Folios submitted at both Level One and Two. We were lucky enough to be upgraded to the Creative Cloud Adobe Suite at the start of the year, which is a huge computer software package worth around $30,000. This package gives these students the ability to work and create on the most up to date software, software that is in use throughout the design and photography profession and workforce. In addition to this we were also lucky enough to obtain approval to purchase two new DSLR cameras and a lighting studio which was available for students to borrow throughout their assignments. Our students have really stepped up this year, with the majority of them receiving Merit and Excellence grades throughout the year. We are all looking forward to continuing on with this success in 2017 and the years to come.


Senior painting at Naenae College has been a lot of fun this year. The year 13s have been working with the theme of “Death” which brought up images of skeletons, gravestones and of course zombies! The year 12’s had the theme “Animals” which led us on a field trip to the Wellington Zoo. From these interesting start points, students developed their own style of painting and moved further and further away in an individual direction. A group of six year 12 painting students had the opportunity to paint a beautiful mural in Naenae. This involved a research trip to Wellington to look at murals and street art, consulting the local naenae community about their ideas and then painting the actual mural. These students got to experience a real life public art project, one that their parents and community can be very proud of for years to come. Because of the success of this mural project, some of the students have been asked by the principal to paint another mural at the school for the redevelopment of the quad.