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Photo by Joe McMenamin

What’s been happening in the Library?

Judy Waenga —

This year over winter the students again took advantage of the board games. The amount of interest was quite surprising, some senior boys got quite competitive over who was going to be the “Connect Four King”. Others took advantage of the current craze, “Adult colouring in”; these generated lots of discussion and some beautiful pieces.

This year we tried a couple of new activities based around poetry. In term one, we had a “spine poetry” competition where poems were created by using book titles on the spines of books laid on top of each other. We had some interesting entries from all year groups; it was won by two seniors Deng and Taane.

More poetry during term 3; this time a “poetree” where students added their own or their favourite poem to the tree. We had a variety of poems. It was heartening to see our students’ own work and contributions from staff.

The library has also updated its online catalogue. It now has a more modern and functional interface. Students can now reserve books online using their school username and password.

Thank you to our wonderful school librarians who make our job so much easier, your efforts are appreciated.