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Hockey-Mixed Tournament

Hockey team —

Though we only welcomed 3 new players this year (Blake Randall, Laura Andersen and Lachie Macdonald), the difference in success was noticeable.

The year, coached by Eddie Forster with the ever present help of Catherine Forster and Willie Mcbride, the team moved up the levels in Taupo this year, moving from last year’s 12th place to an overall 5th place. We played hard this year, narrowly pulling off 1st of our pool, then moving through crossovers to the top half of the draw, and finally finishing in 5th place.

Both on and off the turf the team worked well, forging a whole new set of memories to add to the ever growing legacy. Being so close to a pool, river and most obviously the lake, the adults took advantage of the water to make us do the ever dreaded hots and colds. We also took trips to the see some of the sights, including a nearby dam and the ever blue Huka falls while balancing the outings with rest and relaxation at the motel, with maybe the slightest bit of study.

It was a great year for the team and we’ve progressed a lot both on and off the turf, and we look forward to seeing even more.

A massive thanks to Eddie Forster, who put in an incredible effort this year to get the team in shape, to Catherine Forster who never stopped working that entire week and the days leading up to and following it, to Willy Mcbride for somehow being there for everyone helping in ways beyond what was expected of him, to Ford Lambert and James Forster for being our referees for the tournament, no easy task but vital to the tournament itself, and obviously to the team: Lachie Macdonald, Blake Randall, Zamain-ray Blake, Jordan Martin, Keiran Bond, Jacob Arthur, Jacob Curry, Michael Ula, Jesaiah Pham, Leah Forster, Laura Andersen, Taliah Pham, Samantha Grigg and Natalie Lake.