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Mysthaven - Creative Writing

Victoria —


I stand at the edge of the woods , just at the border of the mist. I am so close I could reach out and touch it, and I am so tempted to, but entering or touching the mist is forbidden “ Katy, what are you doing come away from there” Raine calls “ You know the rules Katy.” Raine loves rules, loves being the good girl, the complete opposite of me, my curiosity always gets the better of me causing me to break the rules rather than follow them but even my curiosity won't lead me to break this rule because nobody knows much about the mist but we do know that no one that enters the mist is ever seen again.

Nobody knows where the mist came from, we just know that seventy years ago it appeared and never went away. My Grandmother told me the mist protects us from an evil beast that prowls in the shadows of the woods, and that the mist is a blessing and we’re lucky to have it but no one else believes her they all think she’s crazy, but she’s right about one thing, something evil lives in the mist, I can feel its presence, it’s power, it’s darkness..

“ Katy please, come away from the mist” Raines voice snaps me out of my thoughts and back to reality.

“Don’t worry Raine, I’m not going to get any closer to it, I’m not stupid.”

“Katy please it’s not safe, you of all people should know that better than anyone, come away from the mist, go back home where it’s safe. If Lord Aaron catches you here-”

“But he won’t Raine, and even if he does he can’t do anything if he wants me to accept his offer’.” Lord Aaron is the village elder, and he is not particularly fond of me because of all the trouble I,’ve caused him, but he wants for me to marry his son because my bloodline is pure and would produce a powerful heir, so he’s been very…. Kind lately because he knows I’’m not particularly fond of his son and if I were to say no, he runs the risk of ‘contaminating’ his blood line. “ Katy he may not do anything now but as soon as you say no your life will turn to hell”

‘Alright then Raine , you win I’ll leave for now but-” A movement in the woods catches my attention. “What” was that?”

“What was what Katy?”

“There is something in the mist.”

“Even more reason to come away from it” she tugs my arm, pulling me away from the mist.

‘Come to me,” A low mysterious voice calls

“Did you hear that?” I ask

“Hear what Katy?”

“Nevermind let's just go” I tell her and the two of us head back to the village, Raine giving me worried looks along the way. “ Don’t worry Raine, I’m not going to end up like him”

“You don’t know that katy”

Him. Justin, Raine’s older brother. He went insane, claimed that the mist spoke to him, he disappeared one day, and Raine found his body a few weeks later at the village gate, well at least what was left of his body, it had been torn apart by something in the mist and the sight of it really changed Raine. She locked herself up for a week, wouldn’t talk to anyone, wouldn’t eat or sleep and then she just came out and acted as though nothing had ever happened.

Raine stops suddenly and turns to look at me. “ I need you to promise me something Katy” She says “Promise me you will stay out of the mist, promise me that you won't do what he did.”

“I promise Raine.”

”Thank you katy, I just can’t bare the thought of losing you too” She hugs me quickly then heads down the path to her own home “Good night Katy,” She calls.

“Good night Raine”I make my way to my small house and then head inside to my bedroom.

“You will be mine,” I hear that same mysterious voice call “Come to me,”|

“C-come?” I think out loud, my mind going all foggy.

“Yes my child come to me” the voice calls to me, it tugs on something deep inside my soul and I can't fight it. I turn around and head back outside, having no control over my body, my vision fades and I feel light headed and then, darkness.