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Photo by Naenae College

Mr S Perry

Social Sciences Department —

Although we are saying goodbye now I have a feeling it will not be the last and we shall see him again in the future.

Stephen started at Naenae College a long time ago doing relief work which has become both a habit and his field of expertise. Most of this work was done in SNU, but halfway through term three last year, he started in the social sciences in a fixed term position which he held until the end of 2017. 

Stephen has the ability to work very well with our students and always maintain positive relationships with them. He is able to motivate them and get them to remain after school to complete their internal assessments. He should write his recipe for this strategy as we could all benefit from it. One Friday at the end of term two staff had a nibbles after school and Stephen was missing in action. Mr Richards ask me to see where Stephen was and I found him in his class room with six students working on their assessments to completion, all while one of the parents were waiting for their child. Amazingly this parent was quite happy to wait for his child to finish their work.

Mr Perry, if you carry this positive attitude and the ability to inspire students with you, you will go places in your teaching career.

Kia kaha Mr Perry and go well. We’ll miss you and wish you well with your future endeavours.

From: The Social Sciences