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Multicultural Day

Year 9 Classes —


We thoroughly enjoyed designing the costumes for the Wearable Art competition. It was fun. We won a prize of a $30 pizza voucher for the most environmentally friendly costume, which was modelled by Rose. Faith also acted as the model for 9KMU’s entry which also won a prize. Go 9KDC!

We learned how to make a piñata! We made two: a giraffe and a turtle. The turtle started off life as a unicorn but then Faith came up with the amazing idea to change it to a turtle. We mostly enjoyed the process of making the piñata, especially painting them. My personal highlight of the piñatas were the designs. The practical design of the giraffe and the shell of the turtle were the best parts and were unlucky not to be awarded prizes in a tough competition. The only downsides to the piñata were the pack-up time and the glue.

The Day:

On the day we had the most delicious feast which we shared all together. The flag parade was really colourful. It was good to learn about all the different cultures that are in our school.

Suggestions for next year:

We would like to have more time to make the costumes so that it isn’t such a rush. We would also like to try more delicious foods from different countries e.g. Poke-puffs from Japan! (this was not my idea). The cultural diversity of the food should mirror that of the people in the school. A couple of our students who didn’t come due to illness are planning to come next year, after listening enviously to the recounting tales of their peers.



Here in 9KMU we enjoyed Multicultural.

We liked the food because there was Chop Suey, Nachos and Butter Chicken. We liked the food because it was very yummy. We ran out of Fish and Chips, Butter Chicken, Curry and Nachos. We joined up with another LAR and shared our food with them.

We enjoyed Kappa Haka because it was cool, we liked the dance because of their talented performers including our very own Moko Toatoa and their detailed Maori outfits.

K- Pop was awesome. The dance and the song choice was great. We liked the girly girl song and how it went into the rapping.

The wearable arts were amazing. The designs were amazing the way they made the clothes, they looked so good we wanted to wear them they were just so good! Our costumes came second and third so we won the pizza prize.

We liked dance performance because of the choreography and music. One last thing that made the performance likeable was the strobe lights. It was cool seeing people we know dancing.

There were lots of flags New Zealand, Samoan, Wales, Fiji, Maori, Colombia, America, Tonga and lots more. We lined up behind the flags with our friends and went to the hall. We liked seeing all the people together behind the flags.

We liked the piñata because we got to fill it with lollies and then eat the lollies too, but our favourite part was when we got to smash it and all of the lollies came out of it. The best part was when the piñata was broken into pieces and we quickly rushed up to get all the lollies.

9TSD celebrate Multicultural Day

Multicultural Day is all about supporting, respecting and celebrating our own and each others’ cultures and ethnicities. We learn a bit more about them and come to appreciate the gift of diversity in our community. The Flag Assembly was one of the highlights because it showcased our pride and passion. It was uplifting to see so many wearing their national dress and to hear everyone’s national anthems. We loved the food – it was yum, and it was good to share a meal together with the others in our LAR. The concert was fun; we enjoyed the varied performances. We were sorry we didn’t win the Wearable Arts – maybe next year.