Hero photograph
Photo by Joe McMenamin


Anna Henderson —

Spanish this year has been really fun. We have learnt a lot; including how to say our names, ages, birthdays, ask how someone is and say numbers, all in Español (Spanish).

We learnt about Spanish birthdays and what they do to celebrate birthdays and the history of Piñatas.

Best of all we learnt how to make piñatas. We used papier-mache, and over a series of lessons we created colourful piñatas. In Spain children sing the “Piñata Song”. They have until the end of the song to try and smash open the piñata while blind-folded.

Spanish was really fun. We got to work with different people and learnt new things. It was interesting getting to learn another language and explore their culture.

Piñata Song:

“Dale, dale, dale,

No pierdes el tino,

Porque si lo pierdes,

Lo pierdes el camino”

Zadie McDowell