Hero photograph
Photo by NNC


Hope Tiaki (Team Coach) —

Coaching the Junior Girls Three netball team has been a fun experience for me. I enjoyed meeting the girls and seeing them grow into confident netball players as well as working together. In the beginning, when they had first started, it was challenging trying to get some of the girls to work as a team, as well as getting them to know the basics of netball. Although they had unique skills, they still needed to realize that netball is a team sport. But, because of our first few pieces of training, they grew into a close relationship with each other. Seeing them progress their relationship and skills during the grading period put them up from being in collegiate eight to collegiate seven placing us fifth. 

I would like to say thank you to the parents and supporters of the girls for putting your time aside to see your children play and allowing them to play netball. And to the girls, I wish to see you all continue playing.

Hope Tiaki (Team Coach)