Hero photograph
Photo by Joe McMenamin

Zoo Biology trip

Dylan Bird —

Thanks to Ms Nippert, the Year 13 Biology class was able to visit Wellington Zoo in Term 4. 

The aim of this trip was to widen and expand the knowledge of Year 13 students around the idea of evolution, and how animals of today came to be the way they are. We had the awesome opportunity to hear numerous talks from one of the zoo keepers, where he informed us about how animals adapt to their environment, and how they interact with each other and also other species. We had a hands on experience with the tuatara; learning about their defense mechanisms towards other animals as well as their physical traits that help them to survive and ultimately further reproduce. We learnt that gibbons will neglect their children from birth if they have not learnt how to care for their young when growing up. Also, did you know that females are in a more powerful position over its male counterpart? Interesting. We learnt about chimpanzees and how their social hierarchy system works within their species as they have a sole leader of their group. By gaining knowledge about native animals to New Zealand along with animals outside of New Zealand, we have broadened our sense of knowledge about how and the reasons why animals behave the way that they do. We feel more informed and ready to achieve our Excellences. Thank you to Mr Conroy, Mr Muirhead and Sandra Marsh for taking us to and from Wellington Zoo.

By Dylan Bird