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SPEAKING FROM HEART TO HEART: NNC’s top Year9 speakers (L-R) Leah Forster (9KCC), Taliah Pham (9ATA) and Tassie Vailalo (9MML).
Photo by Joe McMenamin

Year 9 Speech Competition

Cornelius Floratos —

William Jennings Bryan, an American orator, once said that “eloquent speech is not from lip to ear, but rather from heart to heart.” This was the approach that eight Year 9 students used when representing their core classes at this year’s Junior Speech competition at the end of October. Students were selected based on the content and deliver of their speeches in their English classes. Most of our speakers used a wide range of techniques in their speeches to help engage their audience: maintaining eye contact, using subtle hand gestures, and using personal stories to help support their argument.

Our students spoke about a wide range of topics. We had informative speeches that raised concerns for the impact of climate change and the effect of plastic pollution on seabirds. We also had persuasive speeches encouraging students to make the most of their learning time and realising their potential. The wide spectrum of speech topics highlighted a significant amount of issues that are affecting the youth of our school and wider community.

In the end, our adjudicators announced our three top speakers of our Year 9 cohort based on the effectiveness of their delivery and information:

· 3rd place – Leah Forster, “Human Potential”

· 2nd place – Tassie Vailalo, “Making the most of your learning time”

· 1st place – Taliah Pham, “Opportunities – just do it!”

Thanks to all our Year 9 speakers who delivered their speeches for the competition. It is no easy feat speaking in front of a large audience. However, know that you have built up on a very necessary skill for your future years at Naenae College. Thanks must also be given to Mr Floratos, Mr Richards and Gabrielle Po-Ching for adjudicating the Year 9 competition.

Year 9 Speakers: Hannah Ladd, Tylar Peratiaki (9AKN); Lucy Carver, Taliah Pham (9ATA); Leah Forster (9KCC); Alex Randall (9KMN); Tassie Vailalo (9MML); Laura Anderson (9TPG).