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Badminton & Netball


Being a captain for the Senior girls Badminton team made a huge difference in me this year. I had to experience different situations which helped me develop more knowledge of the sport and also help boost up my confidence in leading the team. I had fun being able to meet new people and also playing alongside with the girls in the team. They were really respectful and they were always prepared and full of determination in every game. I had experienced being a captain of a badminton team in the past four years and it was challenging stepping up the role of being captain for division one but in the end, I am more confident and happy that I had the opportunity of being a captain.

Coaching the Junior Girls 4 was a happy moment for me. I loved that I got to meet the girls and see them grow into a confident netball player. At first, it was quite hard to teach some of the girls who had no idea how to play or know the basic rules of Netball. We took on the challenge and used all our skills and knowledge to help them. I was happy when I could see the improvement of their skills and how they would become closer as a team. Coaching them made me remember when I use to be like them and I always said "It's not about winning the game. It's about improving your skills and learning more so you can adapt to it in next season." They were always enthusiastic and respectful which made it easier for me to coach them. Coaching is a fun experience which you get to help the juniors with the amount of skills and techniques that you learned when you were once a junior.