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Jeff Lockhart exhibition
Photo by Jeff Lockhart

Jeff Lockhart presents 'Looking Back - a retrospective'

Jeff Lockhart —

Open for public viewing 9am-5pm Monday to Friday 16 March to 3 April at G_Space Gallery NMIT, Nile St, Nelson. See below for more information about Jeff Lockhart.

About Jeff Lockhart:

(Sourced from www.lockhart.co.nz)

'As a Pakeha artist who has connected closely to Maori and Pasifika cultures my whole life, I've been clarifying my own personal identity by looking closely at these Pacific Islands we live in and the cultural region that exists in our part of the world. Who I am is embodied to a large extent on where I live, and therefore in the way people have seen the pacific over numerous generations.

My work conveys layers of time and space, as well as connections between them. It flows between the people and cultures of the past and who we are now and what we think now. What we are today is influenced by what has gone before, and so often multiple layers are visible in my work. In the tradition of kaumatua (Maori elders) who tell different stories while referring to the same carvings in a whare whakairo (carved meeting house), I encourage everyone to attach their own stories to my artwork.

I've taught Art and worked as a National examiner and Adviser. Working with students and teachers, particularly in South Auckland, I have continued to learn and extend my knowledge. Having spent a number of years living and working in Australia, I have returned to New Zealand and I'm currently a Principal Advisor for the Ministry of Education based in Nelson.'