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Principal's Message

Hannah Banks —

Education is not just about what happens inside the classroom. In this week's newsletter you can read about a number of activities our students have been involved in around the local region. When our students participate with enthusiasm, when they cheer and help along other competitors, when they are gracious winners and philosophical in defeat I am reminded that learning to be an active and contributing member of both the school and wider community and that being a positive citizen are as important as academic achievement. I hope you are as proud of your young people as I am and of the many ways they have positively represented themselves and the school recently. 

It was a pleasure to attend the Big Sing regional competition in Blenheim last week along with several other staff members. The evening was a real treat with polished performances from all of the competing schools. Nayland College's two choirs performed exceptionally well and took home a number of the top awards. You can read more about this in the article in today's newsletter. The song selections and the emotional interpretation of the music and lyrics were very much a strength of the Nayland groups. Well done to everybody involved and I look forward to finding out whether we will be invited to perform at the finale. 

Deputy Principal Jane Townsend took a group of our Hui Taurima student leaders across to French Pass to explore opportunities to develop their leadership skills, to connect with the environment and to hear about local stories and history. I know she was extremely proud of they way they participated and supported each other in their learning. 

Students from our Learning Support Centre participated in a Special Olympics football tournament at Saxton Field this week. The group have been working on ball skills this term with learning assistant Ben Wright. They played and participated well. The group were even commended by a teacher from another school on how well they supported other teams and on their all round sportsmanship. Ka rawe team!

Next week on Wednesday evening is our first Matariki celebration. This event will celebrate many aspects of Māori students' success and will include an exhibition of Matariki inspired art work. I look forward to seeing your there to share some kai and to acknowledge some more of our amazing students' achievements.

We are following Ministry of Health and Education guidelines around the covid positive case in Wellington and awaiting any further news along with everybody else. There is no impact on Nayland College currently.